Welcome to the homepage of the
Chicagoland Italian American Charitable Organization

As you browse through the pages we hope that you get a feeling for the type of people who are involved and the variety of charitable deeds we are involved in, and the people that they help. You are invited to email us your comments and we hope that you would join us in fellowship and in helping us to make our community a little happier and nicer.

A Message from our President

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting CIACO’s Web site. Perhaps, as you page through this site you will come to appreciate the type of people who are involved, the charity works that they do and the beneficiaries of their work. The goal of CIACO has been and will continue to be to help the community. Whether through its Baskets of Love program, the giving of toys for children at Christmas time or the awarding of scholarship to deserving high school seniors of the Chicagoland area. These works, along with maintaining family traditions and pride, will continue in CIACO through the next millennium. Those of you who would like to be actively involved in our charitable organization, please contacts us. If you are unable to be involved but would like to contribute, please do so through the mail, or submit your donation through our PayPal Donation Box.

Sincerely — Lou Scaramuzzo, President

Area of Assistance

As a growing charitable organization it is our intention to do what we can, where we can, when we can. Unfortunately as our name implies, we concentrate on the Chicagoland area, where there is more than enough need to go around. If someday we are able to broaden our approach and include other areas, our members would welcome the opportunity to do so. May God bless you in your future endeavors. Thanks again.

  • Mission Statement: Provide scholarships to students regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation or national origin. Distribute thanksgiving baskets to needy families. Assist our wounded war veterans and other charitable causes when they are brought to our attention.

  • Vision Statement: To continually seek out opportunities to help those in need, to honor those who have given to their community or country, to offer hope to those trying to cope or looking for a better future, to bring joy to those less fortunate and to give of our time, energy and talent with no expectation of personal reward.