CIACO 2020 Scholarship Recipients


CIACO 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Posted by SylviaCiaco in News 11 Oct 2020

Photo of CIACO 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Honor and Hope Gala is our second major fundraiser. Formerly the Man of the Year and Scholarship Banquet, CIACO has altered this format to not only award scholarships to deserving students (Hope) but also to Honor wounded heroes. Funds are raised by selling various-sized ads in the Program Guide, or in the form of special sponsors. Revenue from this event contributes to our operating fund and is used solely to further CIACO’s charitable endeavors throughout the year.


CIACO’s tradition of giving lives on!

They say you can’t keep a good man down. The same goes for a good organization. The Chicagoland Italian American Charitable Organization has a remarkable legacy of giving that dates back to its founding in 1999. Each year since then, we have provided hundreds of needy families with full Thanksgiving meals, presented tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to college-bound students, and bestowed tens of thousands of dollars more upon veterans in need and other worthy causes. The pandemic may have curtailed our activities, but it hasn’t dampened our spirit of generosity.

We had to cancel our Honor & Hope Gala, golf outing and Baskets of Love campaign for safety reasons, but several members and benefactors came through in the clutch with generous donations. As a result, we were able to present 19 scholarships to worthy college-bound students and three grants to families in need. Please accept our best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

CIACO’s 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Photo of Anthony Arnoni

Anthony Arnoni

Photo of Nicholas Atkins

Nicholas Atkins

Photo of Kylie Bentley

Kylie Bentley

Photo of Gaetano Console

Gaetano Console

Photo of Angelo and Dominic Giannotti

Angelo and Dominic Giannotti

Photo of Frankie Guida

Frankie Guida

Photo of Angelica Herrera

Angelica Herrera

Photo of Joe Leonardo

Joe Leonardo

Photo of Reanna Madeson

Reanna Madeson

Photo of Emily Mytych

Emily Mytych


Photo of Lorraine Noonan

Lorraine Noonan

Photo of Juliana Saviano

Juliana Saviano

Photo of Carmela Scambiatterra

Carmela Scambiatterra

Photo of Ava Vaccaro

Ava Vaccaro

Photo of Elena Vaccaro

Elena Vaccaro

Photo of Luc Vasilevich

Luc Vasilevich


Photo of Jack West

Jack West

Photo of Tyler Wottman

Tyler Wottman

Three grants to families in need

Photo of the Soeprasetyo Family


Husband and father, Kyle, is battling epilepsy. CIACO’s donation will help with uncovered medical expenses and specialized equipment.

Photo of the Lima family


Daughter Lilly suffers from anoxic brain damage. CIACO’s donation will be used to buy specialized equipment, including an adaptive tricycle.

Photo of the Gooch family


Husband and father, Robert, is a military veteran suffering from a traumatic brain injury. CIACO’s donation will help the family recover from financial hardship.